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What is Crypto Plug?

Crypto Plug
The Worlds Best Crypto News App.
Trusted sources around the globe.
Your #1 destination for everything crypto news related. Bringing you the very latest news, analysis and research about crypto.

Where can I download Crypto Plug?

We are available to download now from Apple App Store and Google Play Store – FOR FREE!

I want to advertise on your app!

We are very particular on who we allow to advertise on Crypto Plug. Please fill in the contact form and send a short summary of your business / service that you’d like to advertise on Crypto Plug along with any URLs which would be helpful. We aim to contact you within 24hrs regarding your request.

What crypto currencies are listed on Crypto Plug?

On Crypto Plug we have all of the crypto assets that are listed on the most popular coin listing websites such as coin gecko and coin market cap.

I have a suggestion for your app

Great! We’re always looking for different ways to improve Crypto Plug! Send us a message of your suggestion and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs

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